Spaghetti di Primavera: colors and scents of a new season!

Spaghetti di Primavera: seasonal vegetables and tomato red!

How beautiful is the Spring that arrives with its fresh scents, the bright colors of the vegetables and so many ideas to create in the kitchen! Let’s start with the first quiz of March: they are green, long and consistent and have a particular and delicate flavor at the same time. Have you already understood? We are talking about asparagus! These new vegetables, with few calories and many nutritional properties, are truly versatile in the kitchen and are very tasty with fish, eggs and meat but our favorite combination is, of course, tomato red!

For Spring Spaghetti recipe, travel in pairs: water and salt (to taste), garlic and onion, extra virgin olive oil and chilli, asparagus and the Agriconserve Rega chopped tomato. The procedure is one of the most classic: peel and cut the tips of the asparagus to add to garlic and onion, expertly browned in extra virgin olive oil; half a glass of water and 10 minutes of cooking with a lid; add the tomato pulp and season with salt.

The unique sweetness of our tomato is ideal for dampening that slightly bitter taste of asparagus; in short, it is the perfect combination!

Meanwhile, let’s cook the pasta. Which? Spaghetti, of course, because if you don’t splash a little, what’s the taste? Drain undercooked and transfer to the pan. For the more experienced, blast everything with that nice bold flick of the wrist; for novice chefs, a spaghetti ladle is perfect for mixing and serving!

Spring on the table in less than half an hour.

A sprinkling of chilli, a handful of pecorino romano and “vir che t’ magn ’”! (… And enjoy the show!)

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