Our Family company


1965 is the birth year of Agriconserve Rega, year in which Luigi Rega starts his agricultural activity.
This man has an intuition: to replenish the natural vocation of his land, dedicating himself to production tornato, one of the most cultivated products of the Agro Nocerino-Sarnese.

This living soil, collected between the Picentini mountains and Lattari mountains, on which Vesuvius majestically overlooks, benefits from the influence of the sea and has conditions excellent edaphic for tornato cultivation San Marzano DOP.


The band and respect for its territory, Luigi Rega’s entrepreneurial mindset and the ability of this family to renew the ancient craft of agriculture are the reason and substance of the growth and success of the small family-run business, now a reality. entrepreneurial on an international level.
Here is the peasant resilience, which everything can by virtue of its ancestral ability to persevere and wait and its dedication.


The strength, union and responsibility of ali members of the Rega family are the fundamental and essential characteristics that marked the first turning point of Agriconserve Rega in 1987. The quality of the products, the increase in production and the commitment of the five Rega children make it possible to develop and rationalize a supply chain in the agro-industriai field much larger than that built up to then, involving all locai agricultural producers, and to expand the catchment area by starting the first contacts with foreign markets.

Strianese was established, an agricultural cooperative company with 16 members, which brings together 4 cooperatives, for a total of over 500 agricultural producers and a business area of about 400 hectares.
Guglielmo, Grazio, Tullio, Gerardo and Salvatore, thanks to their deep knowledge of the canning sector, are able to create a short supply chain, independently providing for the industriai transformation of the tornato on a large scale, without entrusting the task to third parties.
By seizing opportunities and developing technologies, the five brothers innovate the family business while maintaining faith in the values and teachings and, above ali, in their identity.


Agriconserve Rega grows: in 1999 a modern factory was built in the municipality of Striano, in the province of Naples, which covers an area of about 30,000 square meters, of which 15,000 are covered, using a technologically advanced production plant, in full compliance with the ‘environment.
Structured as a large industry, it is recognized as an international reality thanks to the creation of new commerciai channels and participation in events and fairs, reaching important goals in ltaly and abroad; in 2000 it transformed around 150,000 quintals of product and, from this moment on, the activity of the Rega family is unstoppable.
In the last fifteen years the company has experienced exponential growth in terms of turnover and production, exporting to more than 40 countries worldwide. Today Agriconserve Rega reaches the production of 500,000 quintals, destined for the Ho.Re.Ca. channel. and large-scale distribution, between conventional, organic and DOP products such as San Marzano tornato.

Agriconserve Rega’s latest investment is the new thermal evaporator, a fresh tornato processing plant, which reduces the consumption of steam and electricity during the evaporation process and the consumption of fuel during the steam production process.
Ne consegue un This results in a lower environmental impact and a better product quality, because the sauce, heated to standard temperatures for a few minutes, is not “stressed” and caramelization is avoided, obtaining a better product with a more natural taste.
From farm, to large industry, to green 4.0 enterprise: this is what happens when the sustainable idea marries technological science. Here is how innovation is born.

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