Sustainable agriculture

Agriconserve Rega distributes in ltaly and abroad with its Rega and Strianese brand.

Peeled tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, datterini tomatoes, diced tomatoes, pulps, purées and sauces: the Agriconserve Rega tornato is healthy, good and true. The mild climate, the healthy air and the large crops that extend on the coasts of Puglia and Tuscany, where there are no heavy industries, the water from the wells is clean and the growth conditions are optimal. TIERRE says it, the cooperative named after Tullio Rega, made up of a technical staff who assists tornato growers. Time says it: only two months and only 24 hours. The harvesting activity, using agricultural machinery, takes piace only in the months of August and September, when the tomatoes have reached that bright and characteristic red tint, the color of the right ripeness. They are transported to the Striano plant and processed within 24 hours, preserving freshness, color and flavor.