Linguine with spicy cherry tomatoes and salted ricotta

The linguine with spicy cherry tomatoes and salted ricotta is a sample and easy recipe.

Essential for the success of this dish is the choice of raw materials, for this reason we offer you the spicy STRIANESE cherry tomatoes, appetizing, tasty and natural.To optimize times, you can start the preparation by first boiling the water in a saucepan and then cooking the pasta “al dente”.

Put extra virgin olive oil in a pan and brown a clove of garlic; add the cherry tomatoes and if you want to enhance the flavor you can already insert some basil leaves, to be broken strictly by hand.
Drain the pasta and dip in the sauce well reduced, mix and let it take all the flavor, finishing cooking in the pan.
Remember to remove the garlic and if you want to add more fresh basil leaves.
Serve and take from your kitchen the highlight of linguine with spicy cherry tomatoes: salted ricotta! Cut it in two and, after tasting a small piece (because we know it is impossible to resist), take the grater and break out a shower of flavor to your pleasure and taste. Do not be afraid because ricotta together with our spicy cherry tomatoes is in perfect harmony!

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