Carne alla pizzaiola: a true legend for all children!

Carne alla pizzaiola

Carne alla pizzaiola is a second dish of Spring and of the now approaching Summer season.
A true legend for all children and each of them has their favorite: usually it is the grandmother’s carne alla pizzaiola, then comes that of the aunt and finally that of mother. Today we reveal the secret ingredient that will determine success with little food critics: tomato!

To prepare this recipe, we need the basis of our Mediterranean cuisine (garlic, extra virgin olive oil and parsley) which give the right taste and character to the meat and the most important ingredient is the San Marzano PDO tomato, the real one, that of REGA.

Clove of garlic
Fragrant fresh origan
Rega San Marzano PDO tomato
Beef slices chosen by your trusted butcher, for a suitable cut of meat
Pepper, chopped fresh parsley and salt

Brown the garlic well with extra virgin olive oil and add the parsley.
Add the San Marzano Dop tomato (here you will immediately feel the sweet scent rising from the cooking pan).
Place beef slices on a baking paper and “caress” them with the meat tenderizer (this will help to soften the meat even more).
Add parsley, salt, pepper and origan to the sauce mixture and dip the meat with a little salt.

A few minutes with the lid on and carne alla pizzaiola is ready.
Obviously some bread and all the children will love your dish!

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