Innovation for better Quality

Innovation for better Quality

Agriconserve Rega invests continuously in technology and innovation, recently paid more than € 1 million for a state-of-the-art-evaporator.

To produce tomato sauce of different thickness (brix) we use this highly efficient evaporator to remove big amounts of water, up to 50% of total, efficiently and at much lower costs than traditionally.

The tomato product is circulating into the evaporator and water is extracted, the process takes normally more than 40-50 minutes but by using this technique Agriconserve Rega needs only 5-6 minutes to arrive at the same result.

We decrease the steam and electricity consumption during the evaporation process.

We decrease the fuel consumption during the steam process, that has a lower impact on the environment compared with traditional evaporators.

We have a better product quality for the product is heated only a couple of minutes at standard temperature, the tomato sauce is less stressed and sweet nutty flavor and brown colour of the natural sugars in the tomato sauce are avoided (caramelization). For that reason Agriconserve Rega sauce has a better and natural taste.

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