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AGRICONSERVE REGA with offices and production site in Striano near Naples was established in 1965 under the "STRIANESE" and "REGA" brand.

The founder Luigi Rega starts the family business as a private company for growing processing and marketing of tomatoes. The Nocera-Sarno territory is at that time one of the most appropriate areas for tomato farming, through continuous efforts and products quality the company expands both geographically as in sales.

As a consequence the family company shows a distinct "industrial" character, transforming in a the legal entity of "private company " thus paved the way for the establishment in 1987 of an agricultural cooperative, "Strianese" (16 members, of which 4 cooperatives for a total of over 500 farmers with farmland of about 400 hectares in order to develop and rationalize a supply chain in the agro-industry sector much larger than that is achieved until now involving all the local farmers and to develop easily the market by starting the first contacts abroad.

Azienda di Produzione Pomodori - Agriconserve Rega

The expansion also involves the five sons, Guglielmo, Grazio, Tullio, Gerardo and Salvatore, to whom the patriarch Luigi Rega transmits a strictly entrepreneurial "Forma Mentis” (shape of the mind) and a profound know-how of all the aspects of the canned food business. The goal is to start the tomato processing on a large industrial scale and offer “in-house" production facilities rather than selling fresh tomato to third parties for subsequent processing. In 1999, a modern equipped plant is built in Striano in order to compete with the leading economic realities of the sector.

Azienda di Produzione Pomodori - Agriconserve Rega

Azienda di Produzione Pomodori - Agriconserve Rega

The new production site extends over an area of about 30,000 square meters, of which 15,000 is floor area, using a modern structure and a technologically advanced production facility in full respect of the environment. In slightly more than a decade, thanks to the distribution channels created through events and fairs, the cooperative is able to impose itself and obtain a substantial market niche, processing around 15. 000 tons in year 2000. In the last fifteen years, the company has experienced an exponential sales growth, an increase mainly due to the opening towards the international market, managing to export to more than 40 countries all over the world. Actually the Rega company has an production of more than 500.000 tons, divided into various categories: Food Service (HoReCa) as well as Retail, including conventional, organic and DOP products such as S. Marzano.

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